Pregnancy -- Part II

The second trimester of pregnancy generally means a bit more energy, more libido and no more morning sickness! I feel like this is the actual glowing stage of pregnancy.

You'll start to notice your belly sticking out more and people will actually start to realize you're pregnant instead of just putting on some belly fat.

Pregnancy means more blood flow to your pelvic area so some women find sex very enjoyable and pleasurable- even if they didn't before. Some women find that they orgasm easier during pregnancy, too. Your breasts will also be more sensitive and more easily aroused.

Hip pain typically starts around the second trimester so if you are noticing that, try to take it easy and make sure you're stretching and doing some Yoga. Even if you're not normally a yoga person, just try it during your pregnancy if you're having pain and stiffness.

As far as vibrators and other toys go, you can use them as long as you are not high-risk and have the okay from your OB for vaginal intercourse. Be especially careful that anything you introduce to your body is cleaned well. If you are using anything for penetration, be especially careful that you don't push anything in too deep because you can risk rupturing the placenta and experiencing a lot of pain.

Body image can be hard for a lot of women during pregnancy so try to focus on all of the positives. You are growing a baby inside of you! You also have the added benefit of long, thick beautiful hair, longer nails, glowing skin and larger, firmer breasts. You may be afraid that your man doesn't appreciate your new larger body, but chances are that he is loving your new curves. If you're having a hard time feeling beautiful make sure you take to your partner about it. The right underwear can be so helpful in making you feel better. Make sure you get a bra that fits- you may need to change your bra size a couple times during the months throughout your pregnancy, but it's so worth it. Another helper is making sure that you are wearing clothes that actually fit. Don't torture yourself into thinking you should still fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing! Splurge on a few nice pregnancy clothes that make you feel great. You can even justify by saying it's an investment and plan to use it for pregnancies in your future.

Do you have a favorite trimester?
Did your libido go up at all during your pregnancy?


  1. I think it's also important to realize that some women have the exact opposite happen (even in the 2nd trimester)...Libido diminishes, sex is not enjoyable and can even be a little painful. I was much more tender down there and for me that meant it was not comfortable AT.ALL. Kudos to those who can enjoy it though!

    1. I am the same way! Mine totally disappears and doesn't return until after I quit nursing. My husband is dying.

  2. Do you have tips how I can find my sex drive again during my pregnancy and be excited and aroused by sex again?

  3. i think anon above has a good point. sometimes, you have to pretend and by the end you're glad you did.

    i hope the others have found another way, besides having sex, to be intimate with their husbands.

    also, i hope that you will do a post about sex after baby/with kids. i have a 6 month old and a 3 year old. sometimes it's hard to find the time or when we do, the 3 yr old seems to think it's time to get up....



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