10 Signs of a Fake Gentleman

  1. 1. He always knows exactly what to say
     – Some people, male and female alike, simply have a knack for words. While being suspicious of someone based solely on the fact that they’re articulate isn’t usually a good idea, when his lines seem so perfect that they almost sound rehearsed, there’s a good chance that they probably are.
  2. 2. He’s never ruffled or agitated – Even the most confident man will be a bit nervous in the presence of a woman he’s interested in. When a guy never seems flustered or anxious, never makes an awkward move and always maintains a cool-as-a-cucumber exterior, it’s a red flag that he’s not really feeling those tremor-inducing butterflies.....

Head over HERE for 10 Signs of a Fake Gentleman.

Have you ever been fooled by a guy? How long did it take you to catch on?


  1. You can't fool a male chastity device. Get him locked up while he is making all those promises to you. If he backs out you'll know he wasn't serious. If he goes through with it then you'll have the assurance that he will follow through. Just a little tip. ;)

  2. they should make a device to detect true gentlemen and fakes!



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