Sex Stopper: The Neighbors Downstairs

Remember this post about the awkwardness of downstairs neighbors?

Husband and I recently moved and no longer have upstairs or downstairs neighbors. Oh. My. Gosh. It is SO freeing!

I never realized how much I worried about being too loud or good timing of sex until having the freedom we have here. It's wonderful. I used to worry about not having sex too late or too early or giggling or making any of the other sounds accompanied with enjoying each other. I think my libido was stunted simply by knowing other people were around and could hear. We can now enjoy tickle fights, afternoon delights, middle-of-the-night encounters (which we had only done once in our previous years of marriage due to my worrying about neighbors) and even just talking in bed before falling asleep. It's amazing! I love having time to him and not worrying about others hearing our conversations or anything else.

I hope that some of you that are still sharing walls and ceilings will eventually be able to enjoy the freedom of having your own place.

What improvements have you noticed recently to your love life?


  1. I remember a time in college when I was visiting members of my local church in their homes to share a message. My friend and I stopped by the home of a newlywed couple. During our presentation we started to hear moans coming from the apartment next door. At first we all just pretended not to hear anything but soon they became too loud and provocative to ignore. We ended up finishing our lesson sitting out on the front lawn, all very sheepish and embarrassed.

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