How to do a Sexy Lap Dance

Celebrate the holiday by making a few fireworks of your own and putting on a show for your man!
Lap dance tips:

  • Use a chair that has a higher back and no arms
  • Tell him he can't touch you while you are dancing. Make sure you tell him before hand because he will probably try at least a few times which could throw off your groove.
  • Tell him that you might reposition him and that when you do it he should obey so it doesn't sow you down
  • Have confidence and look him in the eye.
  • If you can't look at his eyes, look at his forehead between his eyes
  • Mix things up. Stand close to him or on the chair, then back away or walk around. Keep him guessing.

You can go here to subscribe and watch actual videos of the moves. Just go to Lessons and then Lap Dances. There are also instructional videos for pole dancing. Wow! Now, that's a workout!

Make your lap dance even better by getting a little special something to wear (Up to 80% off!)

Remember to keep it fun and be confident!

Here are some moves to get you going:

Walk around drag: Walk around behind him and lightly drag your hand up his arm, around his neck, and back down his other arm.

Kiss Miss: Psych your guy out so he thinks you are going to kiss him. Kneel with your right knee between his legs and place your right arm around his neck. Place your left knee on his right thigh. Most of your weight will be on the chair. Use his neck for leverage and lean back and slowly come in, scooping forward as if to kiss him but glide right past his ear. Kiss or bite his ear or whisper something if you want to.

Leg show: place a foot between his knees. Slowly caress your leg with both hands starting up at the top of your thigh going all the way down to your foot.
Grind: Sit either with your back to him or your front to him. Maintain eye contact if your front is to him. Grind backwards and forwards or in circles while you’re sitting on his lap.

Stand up: Place right foot between his legs and stand up, placing your left foot on his right thigh. With your left hand jerk his head down, gyrate your hips, push his head back and step down.

The Melt: Sit with your weight on him and your cheeks touching. Slowly slide down his body, like you are melting to the floor. Keep your right foot on the ground and fold your left leg so you are kneeling on it. Then when you get to the ground you will be able to crawl away easier
Chest Press: Crawl up to him and place a hand on each thigh. Slowly press and drag your chest up his knees and lower thighs.

Zipper Shock: reach down and grab his jeans zipper between your teeth. Jerk your head back several times and try to lower his zipper some.

If any of you know of some other moves or of good instructional videos, send them my way or post in the comments!


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