The Art of the Strip Tease

Doing an at home strip tease could be a fun, short little thing you do or you could get prepared by practicing and then make it a performance. It's a great way to build your self confidence, too! Get dressed up and let your husband enjoy.

Wear Layers such as a button up shirt, a lace bra, a short skirt, lace panties, stockings, heels. The point is to keep your body a mystery and slightly hidden. A thong or barely wearing anything will dull some of the anticipation. You could even layer some sexy items under your every day clothes and surprise him as you start undressing for bed.

Have confidence. Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. He'll love if you can flaunt what you have. Remember, he loves you and your body- muffin top and all!

You could see if there are pole dancing fitness classes in your area. It's a great workout! Then, invest in a pole and give your hubby a private show.

Try one of the Aerobic Striptease workout videos at home and then perform for your husband.

Use some music and dance around a bit.

Have some rules like you can touch him, but he can't touch you unless directed to.

Set it up to make sure he has a good view. Put him on a chair or on the bed.

Walk around a bit, turn around. Give him a good view of everything.

Slowly undress. When you're about to remove something, give him a little peek, then cover it up, then slowly take it all the way off. When you're ready to take your bra off completely, turn around and then slowly turn back toward him.

Start with accessories then work from the head down.


  1. Very fun! Thanks for the post :)

  2. Fabulous suggestion about wearing layers when you do a strip tease! It makes the whole process last longer and builds the suspense!

  3. If anyone lives in the Nashville TN area I do at Home Pole Dance, Lap & Strip parties. I'm not sure if it's okay to promote myself on here. I guess I'll just keep checking back to see if anyone comments since I'm not sure if it's okay to put my website on here. I love to empower women to feel like the goddesses that they are and delight their hubby's! .

  4. Wow I wish you were in my area!

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