The Game of Love

If you missed out last year, make sure you create your very own Game of Love for Valentine's Day (It's in 24 days, by the way!).

You can just use a flat sheet so you can put it on your bed whenever you're ready to go if you don't want to use a fitted sheet. Then, create your own game board. The number of squares will be the number of "moves" you'll have to fill in. Basically, you come up with some moves to get him in the mood, tease each other a bit and have some fun. You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to give him this gift, either.

In case you're wondering, here are The Official Game of Love Rules:
1. The player will roll a die, but the highest number can be 3 (so divide by 2 or the game goes too fast!)
2. Each square has a 1 1/2 minute time limit
3. No getting carried away- you have to stop at 90 seconds and roll again (the hubs might fight you on that one)
4. Only one person "plays" your role is just the game "facilitator"
5. The Final square is "Score" and you can't skip ahead (if ya know what I mean)

You can steal some ideas from Monica here or this list:
Shoulder rub
A little peck
-1 piece of clothing
1st base (pic of base)
I love you because...
Head massage
Forward # spaces
Lose a turn
??? (roller’s choice of what you do-but remember you are doing it for the other person) 
French please!
Love the ladies (whoever rolls this the girl wins ;)
Choose your lotion (back rub…)
Mini make-out
Foot rub
2nd base
Outfit choice (you choose what the other will wear)
Back one space
Free touch
+1 piece of clothing
Whipped cream
Sexy dance
Kiss every inch
???-your choice
Look, but don’t touch…
Forward two spaces
I love you because...
Trace/Draw on me…
Talk to me
I like mine French
"Head" massage
Close your eyes
3rd base
Chocolate pudding
Lose a turn
SCORE!!! (make sure this is last. I may have made my game go a bit odd and required lots of arrows to ensure this was last...)

If you want some toys go here. If you want to find some new, affordable lingerie go here. It could be a fun tradition to get something new (at least) every year.

Has anybody tried out this game? 
Did you actually make it through?



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