Valentine's Day: A Guide to Lingerie

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to get a new outfit for the bedroom- especially if you haven't added to your collection in a while or are just needing to start.

If you're skeptical about lingerie, here are some great reasons to try it out:
  • It can help get you in the mood
  • It helps increase the anticipation
  • It helps increase desire
  • You can feel sexy
  • It adds a little variety
  • It will get him more excited
  • You can feel beautiful
  • You can feel "dressed up"
If you're thinking, but I'm not one of those tiny girls with huge boobs that should wear lingerie, then get that thought out of your head. Those girls are very few and far between. Your husband married YOU. Your husband is attracted to YOU. YOU need to show that you love and appreciate your body how it is. YOU need to take control and give yourself some positive messages about how you look. Embrace the Muffin Top (we all have)!  Plus size women still look sexy and can order lingerie. Be daring and try some out!

I've been ordering most of my lingerie through Yandy for a couple years now. I love them because it is good quality, inexpensive and usually take about 3 days for it to arrive at my house and their return policy is great if something doesn't work out.

If you're having a difficult time knowing where to start, here are some descriptions and links to help you out.

NOTE: Yandy usually includes the garters, underwear and stockings
  • Intended to accentuate curves.
  • May have a little extra help and support in the bust line
  • Tend to push the breasts up and together to create cleavage
  • Note: May take a bit of time to get adjusted and sized once you receive it
  • Prices start at $7.95

  • Intended to give a smooth line
  • Cinch in the waistline to suck in the tummy
  • Note: May take a bit of time to get adjusted and sized once you receive it

  • Flowing and feminine
  • Open over stomach
  • Some have supportive underwire, others don't
  • I think these are great for when you're pregnant and your belly just needs space, but you still want to feel dressed up
  • Prices start at $4.95 at Yandy

  • No buttons, snaps, velcro or zippers. Easy on. Easy off.
  • Looks like a very short dress or long shirt
  • Can be fitted or loose at the waist
  • Usually a delicate fabric
  • Great if you're a bit self-conscious of your mid-section
  • There are longer gowns too
  • Prices start at $5.95

  • Basically like a one-piece swim suit with a lot less fabric or coverage
  • Great if you want to be a tease
  • Take good care of it or else you'll be untangling it whenever you want to wear it
  • Prices start at $13.95 at Yandy

  • Great for dressing up to go out
  • Simple sexy

  • Simple and easy
  • Basic coverage
  • Matching
  • $20 Sets at Yandy
  • The top is a bra, the bottom could be a skirt or thong or boyshorts or fishnets etc.
  • The bra isn't a supportive, every day bra
  • Prices start at $5.95
  • Just covers a small area in the middle of your breast with adhesive
  • Usually a thin lace or silk fabric
  • Generally cut in a shape hugging V-shape to minimally cover breasts and crotch
  • Great for variety or role playing or fantasy fulfilling etc.
Don't forget Robes and Shoes, too.

What's your favorite style of lingerie and why?

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