Slice of Advice -- Date Each Other

Too often couples get caught in a dating rut. They either just go to dinner and a movie or don't even go out any more. They think it's too much of a hassle, they already have their great catch, their spouse already knows they love them, why waste the money... Wrong! It's worth it! Keep the spark alive!

Make sure that you and your hubby are dating each other. You might think you know everything about him already, but you don't. You still have plenty to talk to each other. Plan a nice night out on the town, get dressed up for each other, plan a great evening inside with a themed dinner date, go try something new.

Be creative.

Feel free to comment with great dates you've had in the past and exchange ideas here.


  1. Last year I found simplymodernmom.com. She did Project52: Date Night. She and her husband made a contract to have a date every week, at home, after the kids were in bed. They set the day and time each week it would happen.

    My husband and I did the same thing. We took turns planning the date. It was fun to see what my husband came up with. He looked forward to it as much as I did. This has been a amazing way we have strengthened our marriage, had fun together and most dates were free! We can't wait for date night every Friday night. I would highly recommend dating your spouse!

  2. If you think your husband won't go for it you may want to try what I did.

    I started out with increasing the heat in our bedroom and getting rid of inhibitions I had had for the first 20 years of our marriage. I also became his girl friend, courting, flirting and taking care of him the way I would have if we were dating. It didn't hurt that I found out his love language and began "Doin it all for my Baby." After weeks of this I asked him out and he said yes.

    The first date I planned was a reenactment of many aspects of our early dating life. He was touched by the attention to detail and when that night was over he agreed to the weekly dates.

    I have been the planner for most but he has taken initiative several times too. When I am planning I try to take into account his preferences so that includes a lot of "at home" dates where I make a special meal as well as a lot of sexy evenings where I push the intimacy envelope. When I do ask for something a little more "out there" like a recent date of dares where we drove to different destinations and had to do a variety of silly and/or sexy things, he goes along willingly and thanks me for taking him out of his comfort zone.

    Dating has brought our emotional intimacy to an all time high. We are connected in ways that we have not been ever in our married life. he teases me about being his "smokin hot girl-friend" now. We are really happy.

  3. My most recent favorite date was when my husband picked me up from work to go to class and declared that no matter how much I kicked and screamed, we were not going to lecture; instead we went on a coffee date, went for a walk and bought me some new spices! That was amazing.

    His most recent favorite date was when we went for a walk (downtown where we live) and I led us gently to the Ballpark where we got in to see his favorite baseball team win.

    For us it is about surprises :)

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