Avoiding the Fate of Jon and Kate Plus 8

I know, I know, I'm totally behind the times. The break up of Jon and Kate was eons ago. But I was watching Kate Plus 8 the other night and just kept thinking how sad the whole situation was. What happened really? Did the kids get in the way? Were the just selfish people? I honestly don't read enough tabloids to know the details. But I do know that children can cause stress and chaos. With the kids being home for the summer, I'm sure a few of you are already wishing for September!

Here are a few ideas I've been pondering:
  • DATE! Go on dates with your husband! You need the time alone and chances are, the kids will be grateful too!
  • Dedicate at least 15 minutes of focused time to your kids so they won't feel sad when you sneak into the bedroom for 15 minutes with your man ;)
  • Don't give up. There are seasons of life. Try to look past the diapers and late night feedings. Someday you'll be empty nesters and have him all to yourself.

Do you find that your marriage struggles when the kids struggle? What do you do to stay positive with your spouse when all you want to do is send the kids to boarding school? How do you plan on avoiding the fate of Jon and Kate?


  1. Personally I feel like the reason John and Kate split is because they were not willing to make the sacrifices to each other to make it work. I mean Brad and Jennifer are a great example... Brad wanted kids, Jennifer didn't, because she was not willing to make the sacrifice Brad chose to be with someone who could offer him what he needed. You can tell by the results.

    Kate wanted to keep filming and have her book. That is why she went on a book tour and went on dancing with the stars. John said he was done with the fame and cameras.

    I obviously don't know it all, I don't know the stories nor do I have two sets of multiples... however I do know that whatever my husband righteous desires and needs are I will sacrifice my best to ensure a healthy and happy life with him.

    I do not have a whole lot more to say because we have only been married for 2 years and have a 8 month old.... so things are still pretty simple, delightful and easy. But what I said above I know is the key to success.... and I will always try to serve him like I would serve a homeless person in need. Life is about serving others and I think it is easy to forget that you still need to serve the ones you love and cherish the most.

    I hope this makes sense and comes across in the correct and positive sense that I intended it to.

  2. Date nights are a MUST at our house...and the kids love having a sitter so it's a win win. We also are very strict about early bed time. The kids are jammied up and in bed by 7, that way we have a chance to reconnect every night after a long day.

    Too often, I think parents put the kids first, when really they need to be a couple first THEN focus on the kids together.

  3. Great post. I like your perspective about remembering there are seasons to life. My much improved attitude about sex and enjoying it more has sure made those seasons more exciting and less stressful! Thanks for the great blog!



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